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Environmental Policy

We promote the protection of the environment through our
ISO 14001 accredited management processes within the work place. Where possible recycled materials are used or FSC paper from sustainable forests, as well as ECF (elemental chlorine free) paper, TCF (totally chlorine free) paper and vegetable-based inks. Any chemicals used in the process are approved substances and recycled through Environmental Agency licensed companies (J&G Environmental), in conformance with the 2005 Hazardous Waste Directive. Wherever possible we add water to chemicals and aim to limit their use or eradicate them altogether. Our state-of-the-art machinery is designed to reduce chemical waste and energy consumption as part of a concerted effort on behalf of the company to maintain a code of environmental best practice.

Our litho business DWJ Colourprint is particularly proud to be one of the first companies in the UK to use new chemistry-free plates in it's computer-to plate systems. These revolutionary plates require no processing after exposure and entirely eliminate the use of harmful developer.

Our guiding principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are adopted wherever possible throughout the company. This has seen a dramatic reduction in packaging waste and an increase in what we recycle. Recycling of all our waste paper, board, plates and plastic is a prerequisite, as is the use of vegetable based inks whenever practical. In addition, all office paper, board, CDs, cans and plastic are recycled. We also encourage staff to utilise electronic document management where possible and to duplex all printed documents in order to reduce paper consumption.

As part of our responsibility to our employees and the community we live within, we adhere to a Health & Safety policy, a comprehensive set of risk assessments and COSSH files, all of which are regularly reviewed and updated.

Protection of the environment in which we live and operate is part of our core values and principles. We consider it to be sound business practice.

Care for the environment is one of our key responsibilities and an important part of the way in which we do business. Wherever possible we source goods and services locally as part of our commitment to sustainable procurement. We assess the sustainability of companies within our supply chain prior to approval and favour suppliers that can demonstrate environmental best practice.

The following environmental objectives have been identified through out the Group's Register of Environmental Aspects and Impacts and have been agreed by the board of directors. Both the managers and the board are working hard to achieve these objectives:

• A reduction in electricity usage to reduce our CO2 output by 10 tonnes per annum. This was achieved by installing a voltage optimisation unit in March 2010 and the adoption of a staff awareness programme to save power.
• To install a lighting solution for the main production area to increase
lighting efficiency and reduce power output by 10%.
• To install an environmentally efficient heating system for the main
production area that can recycle warm air back into the working area.
This will reduce heating costs by approximately 20%.

IMEX's environmental statement and objectives are reviewed throughout the year with regular communication of our environmental performance to our employees and significant stakeholders.